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Funnel Radio Line Up: May 24


Kick off is Thursday, 10:30 am Pacific. Rhoan Morgan and Jim O continue the debate about who owns the pipeline, sales or marketing. The opinions are split down the middle throughout this series. Let's see where Rhoan Morgan weighs in. Then Susan and Lany split the show with a segment on event marketing and Susan talking about making the most of testimonials opportunities IN THE MOMENT - don't miss out, you get one shot. Matt's guest is Samuel Sunderaraj, VP Sales at Skilljar. They are talking about the secrets to SaaS start up sales growth. We wrap the day up with Cyndi Greenglass on WVU Marketing Communications Today. Her guest Keith Quesenberry discusses simplifying social media metrics.


10:30 SLMA Radio with host, James Obermayer

Guest: Rhoan Morgan, DemandLab @demandlab

Topic: Who owns the pipeline, sales or marketing?

In our on-going series of asking the question, “Who Owns the Pipeline?" we are getting very interesting opinions from a wide variety of executives.  This week Rhoan Morgan of DemandLab offers her insight.  Her answers might surprise you and change how you do business.


11:00 Rooted in Revenue with host Lany Sullivan

Topic: Event Marketing Budgets & Digital Marketing

Every year businesses determine what their marketing, sales, sponsorship, advertising, social,etc, etc line items will be in the budget.

If you are an entrepreneur and not doing this I would highly recommend you find a money manager and start doing this.

What many businesses forget to think about (or it's an afterthought) is events.

Events are magic.



11:15 Rooted in Revenue with host, Susan Finch @susanfinchweb

Topic: Testimonials - the glow of the moment: make the most of it.

After you close the deal on a house for a client - be there for the moment when you hand them the keys or do it in your office when you hand them the keys - while it’s fresh and the emotion is sincere and spontaneous.


11:30 Sales Pipeline Radio with host, Matt Heinz @heinzmarketing

Guest: Samuel Sunderaraj, VP Sales, Skilljar

Topic: Secrets to SaaS Start-up Sales Growth



12:30 WVU Marketing Communications Today with host, Cyndi Greenglass @directchick

Guest: Keith Quesenberry, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Messiah College

Topic: Simplifying Social Media Metrics

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