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How Customer Research influences Customer Experience - Molly Gilmore of Blue Genes Media

Funnel Radio Line-up May 10 2018


Full line-up today with a running theme of engaging, connecting and serving our prospects. Pamela Muldoon of the Pedowitz Group stats with Connecting Content Creation to the Bottom Line. Then Susan Finch with John Golden, CSO of Pipeliner CRM talks about an OBVIOUS but frequently missed revenue tip. Matt's guests answers the question, "Is the landing page dead?" and finally Molly Gilmore is on  with Lee Silverman talking about what we do with the data we glean:  Getting the Full Benefit out of Your Customer Research Data.


10:30 am - SLMA Radio with host, James Obermayer

Guest: Pamela Muldoon, Revenue Marketing Coach, The Pedowitz Group @pamelamuldoon

Topic: Connecting Content Creation to the Bottom Line


Content creation is that ever hungry, ever needy, ever demanding open marketing pit that demands to be fed.  And, yet, it is costly to feed the beast with useful information for prospects, customers, investor and the ever ravenous press.  In this interview we speak to Pamela Muldoon, Revenue Marketing Coach with the Pedowitz Group who will coach us on measuring the ROI for content creation and delivery.


11:00 am - Rooted in Revenue with host, Susan Finch @susanfinchweb

Guest: John Golden, CSO Pipeliner CRM

Topic: Revenue Tip: Treat Prospects Like Customers


Why would you not start at the first encounter with a prospect? Treat prospects like they are already customers; ESPECIALLY in trial process.
Engage them with the people they are going to work with, so it's not just about their experience with the product, but the customer experience.
John Golden talks about what they need to have the answers to: How do we make the customer experience a consistently positive one from the moment they engage with the brand whether, even from the trial; and how can we guide you to trial the CRM to fit their needs, rather than just hoping they'll figure it out during the trial period.


11:30 am - Sales Pipeline Radio with host Matt Heinz @heinzmarketing

Guest: Dave Gerhardt, VP of Marketing at Drift @davegerhardt

Topic: Is the landing page dead? Prospect Engagement Best Practices

 LISTEN LIVE: http://goo.gl/lcTphG


12:30 pm - WVU Marketing Communications Today with host Lee Silverman

Guest: Molly Gilmore, Owner, Blue Genes Media

Topic: Getting the Full Benefit out of Your Customer Research Data

Customer experience has become an intrinsic element of every product and service. Data gathered from user research can inform the design process and provide insight to help teams evaluate the quality of the customer experience once the product goes live. In parallel, the formalization of roles associated with data science and the advances in technology that enable advanced analytics to have created opportunities for data driven product design strategies. 


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