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Does Marketing or Sales Own the Sales Pipeline?

250-SLMARADIO-20180405-ryanWith the growth of sophisticated CRM systems, marketing automation software, AI apps and years of frustration on the part of Marketing, the  question is now being posed: Does marketing own the sales funnel, aka the sales pipeline?

8 Components to Boost Lead to Revenue Results based on Research from 1400 Executives

In this interview with Christopher Ryan, CEO of Fusion Marketing Partners we cover the 8 significant components to increase the lead to revenue conversion for B2B companies.  The results are based on Fusion Marketing Partners annual research  survey of 1400+ sales and marketing executives. 

The Only Way to Get the Squabbling Siblings of Sales and Marketing to Grow Up

600x600-CRMRadio-20180412-ryanThey work independently these marketing and sales departments but they shouldn’t. Their squabbling and fighting often resembles two 6-year-old kids in the back seat of a car pointing at each other and screaming.  

How Many Leads are Enough?

Some CMO’s budget lead generation on what was done in the previous year plus a few percent. Some decide to spend more if the salespeople didn’t make quota.  In this interview with author and Chris Ryan, CEO and Founder of Fusion Marketing Partners.

  • How do sales and marketing agree on the required number that sales needs to make forecast?
  • What is a service level agreement?
  • What is meant by Lead to Revenue, and how is it accomplished?
  • What are the 7 pieces of information marketing needs?

About Christopher Ryan

Chris Ryan has 25 years of marketing, technology, and senior management experience, and is a widely known expert in B2B marketing, lead-to-revenue modeling, sales strategy, and business startups. As both a services provider and in-house marketing executive, Chris has played a transformative role in driving marketing and sales programs that achieve the desired results and create alignment and synergy between the sales and marketing operations.

Chris is known as an outstanding communicator and has presented keynote addresses and breakout sessions at numerous conferences on marketing and technology. For three years, Target Marketing magazine named Chris as one of the Top 100 U.S. Marketers. Chris has written four books on marketing and information technology, including the recently published Winning B2B Marketing.

About Fusion Marketing Partners

Fusion Marketing Partners (FMP) is a B2B marketing agency that specializes in helping companies create powerful lead-to-revenue machines to turn around their stalled or under performing marketing and sales operations and build value in their business. FMP’s strategic expertise and vigorous execution of proven tactics has quickly driven measurable improvements in awareness, leads and revenue for B2B clients across the U.S. and internationally. To find out more, visit

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