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Workbooks artTitle:   The State of CRM 2018

Subtitle:  An SME Perspective

Published by/Authors:  Workbooks.com

Gated: Yes

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 Length:  15 Pages

Slma-recommended-187This is an important research project sponsored by Workbooks CRM.    There are 98 responses from business executives in the UK including titles such as marketing professionals, sales, operations finance, Customer Service and IT.

  • The survey of SME’s is broken down into the following titles:
    • 21% Sales
    • 20% IT
    • 19% Marketing
    • 18% CEOs
    • 7% Customer Service
  • 30% of SMEs in the UK do not have any CRM Technology
    • 87% of the laggards (my words) use spreadsheets
  • The paper outlines the benefits that the 70% that have the technology enjoy:
    • 360-degree view of each customer
    • 66% report the primary benefit improves productivity of customer facing employees
    • There are eight categories on page four that spell out the benefits for the using company’s departments.
  • Twelve obstacles were identified that must be overcome for CRM implementation:
    • The largest percentage of the twelve is: Complexity of Data Migration/Integrations (no surprise here).
    • Cost was fifth on the list of issues for CRM adoption
  • Creating a CRM Strategy is reported to have a 70% involvement of those surveyed in the strategy creation
  • A surprising 70% of the respondents didn’t use a consultant.
  • Features and Functions lead the list (80%) over cost (63%) as one of 12 criteria for choosing a CRM solution
  • 16 items are listed for the important functionality of a CRM system (Contact Management led the list at 89%)
  • The following other areas were mentioned as noteworthy of study:
    • Beyond Features
    • Ensuring Integration
    • Build Confidence
    • Measurement
  • CRM is now an essential, not an optional tool for doing business

SLMA Comments:   

Overall, this Workbooks research paper is an excellent need-to-read short paper for those approaching their first purchase of a CRM System. Granted the sample size is small with a minimum projectable participation to make the numbers believable.  We would have preferred to see at least 500, but the report shows believable results.   

In addition, it is a good reminder for those that are in the terrible throes of replacing a system because someone doesn’t like the current one.  Of special note: I think that because 70% of the respondents didn’t use a consultant,  this is probably what leads to the 70-90% dissatisfaction level for CRM users several years later.  It is surprising that 30% of the SMEs in the UK don not have a CRM system.  

Using the expertise of a CRM consultant in all phases of the purchase and installation of a CRM project can make a difference in the short-term and long-term success of the project.

Why it’s Important: Lessons from THE FRONTLINE We asked respondents to tell us what they would have done differently with the benefit of hindsight. Here’s what they told us:

  • “We should have focused more time on how we were going to get users to adopt the new tool. We should have gotten buy-in from users ahead of time so that they accepted the new tools and embraced them. Getting them involved in the requirements definition phase would have helped.”
  • “Have it properly set up. Not trying to do it on the cheap and try and do everything ourselves. You do not know what you do not know and implementation is key to success.”
  • “Spend more time focused on cleaning the data and planning the data migration. It’s a vital task.”
  • “Start small, then expand. Focus on one goal initially. Don’t try to boil the ocean in one go.”
  • “Look at all your integration needs now and in the future. Once the system is in place, it is too late.”
  • “More training and staff enablement.”

Recommended for: 

  • President
  • C-Level Folks
  • CFO
  • CSO
  • CMO
  • Content
  • CRM Consultants
  • Management and Creation
  • Marketing Operations
  • Product Management
  • Sales Operations

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