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WP Review: Lead Nurturing from Oracle

OMC-Thumb-EN-LeadNurturing-159x204Title:  Lead Nurturing

Subtitle:  Guide for Modern Marketers

Published by/Authors:  ORACLE

Gated: Yes

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Length:  11 Pages


This white paper can be considered a well-informed neutral primer on Lead Nurturing.  It lists core understandings of what lead nurturing is:

  1. Segmenting
  2. Customer Nurturing
  3. Give - Get
  4. Customer Focus (mentioned several times in the paper)
  5. Progressive Profiling

Quote: 59% of B2B companies say creating relevant content is their biggest obstacle to lead nurturing success, according to a December 2015 Ascend2 Study.

  • There is a Five Step Process
  • Best Practices with an emphasis on Customer Nurturing
  • Advanced Practices
  • Tools and Technologies

Quote: 75% of B2B marketers think that the use of marketing technology is extremely important to the success of their lead nurturing strategies.

SLMA Comments:   

On page ten,  in a few short paragraphs, the paper's author sums up the need for nurturing.  While nurturing in its essentially present form has been going on since 1992, the tools have changed, customized content has become the norm, the emphasis on customers and not just prospects have arisen and catering to how people want to buy is driving it all.

Why It’s Important:

“Every marketer must learn to nurture prospects and customers or be beaten by competitors who have mastered the process."

Sales Lead Management Association

Recommended for: 

  • C-Level Folks
  • CSO
  • CMO
  • Marketing Operations
  • Content Management and Creation
  • Product Management

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