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Funnel Radio Line-up - April 26, 2018


Today we have some deep discussions from the new data regulations in Europe to Marketing Operations Exposed! In between Lany & Susan talk about event marketing and communication - helpful tips for everyone and every company. Be sure to catch all episodes.


10:30 - SLMA Radio with Host James Obermayer

Guest: David Fowler, Act-On Software @actonsoftware

Topic: Time Waits for No Marketer: A GDRP Compliance List

It’s about 5 weeks and counting for every marketing department world-wide to comply with the EU’s GDRP legislation. It isn’t too late, but time waits for no marketer. In this program David Fowler, of Act-On’s digital compliance department gives us a list of his top compliance recommendations.

11:00 - Rooted In Revenue with hosts, Lany Sullivan and Susan Finch


1st Segment: Lany Sullivan - @eventsbylany

Topic: Event Communication - Put Your Ego Aside

Communication can sometimes be the hardest part of an event. The details are manageable, but sometimes the people involved are not. You will deal with a wealth of personalities, opinions and experiences that you may not enjoy engaging with. Put your ego aside and listen first. Digest what is being said to you and then make sure that you clearly and concisely craft a response that does not incite drama.


2nd Segment: Susan Finch with guest, James Obermayer @susanfinchweb

Topic: 5 Simple ideas to generate leads before the conference

Do you have conferences coming up? Do you have enough staff to really make a grand entrance – I’m talking trumpets and rose petals. If not, you need our help. Let’s talk and see how this would look so you can plan. Try to give me more than a couple of weeks’ notice – really. Months are better! 


11:30 Sales Pipeline Radio with host, Matt Heinz

Guest: Mike Braund, Tableau @tableau

Topic: Marketing Operations Exposed! The good, bad & ugly


Some talking points include:

  • Current focus: Cross channel orchestration is a focus for us (usermind, lytics)
  • Current focus: Marketing data story from impression to closed deals
  • Current focus: Refreshing our approach on predictive lead scoring with 6Sense
  • Product promotion and operational tips: We can talk about how we use Tableau as a product in our day to day as a marketing operations team
  • Tips and advice: Learnings from the last year of building out center of excellence
  • Process, cross department accountability, how I’d prepare if I were starting today with the experience I now have
  • Thoughts on centralized approach vs decentralized
  • Marketing technology and teams like marketing operations teams have allowed marketing departments to transition from the perceived “cost center” to being able to paint an end to end story of all measurable engagements throughout the buyer's journey and what sources those engagements.


12:30 WVU Marketing Communications Today with host, Matthew Cummings

Guest: Rachel Post

Topic: Data at the Crossroads of Congress and Ethics

Many media outlets have their own proprietary analytics software to track exactly where people click on a page, how far they scroll, where they go next and where they came from…allowing for real-time shifts in headlines and photos to meet the immediate demands of reader interests. The user experience is crafted on the spot by algorithms and technology.


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