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Funnel Radio Line-up - April 12, 2018

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 Today's topics include: Your online press-room and Event Marketing Budgets & Details, The Five Most Important Things Cyndi Greenglass has Learned in Business and Life. Matt Heinz with Jenn Martin talk about New Product, New Sales Process? How to Evolve Your Product & GTM Strategies Together. We end the day with Lee Silverman talking with guest, Mark Tietbohl about Getting Comfortable with Data.



 10:30 SLMA Radio with host, James Obermayer

Guest: Cyndi Greenglass, Founder/EVP Strategic Solutions Diamond Communication Solutions @directchick

Topic: The Five Most Important Things Cyndi Greenglass has Learned in Business and Life.


This interview is part of an on-going series to hear from successful people about what they have learned in business and life. Cyndi Greenglass, a business founder and marketing expert shares with us the 5 Most Important Things She has Learned:

  1. There is a fallacy in the term “Work-Life Balance”
  2. There is a graveyard of high performances
  3. Why we have to be kind and humble
  4. Be (not) afraid
  5. And parting advice from her Aunt, “You cannot be happy if you’re not grateful.”

This is an interesting personal reflection about her trip through life and work.


 11:00 Rooted in Revenue with host, Lany Sullivan @eventsbylany

Topic: Event Budgets and Digital Marketing


Every year businesses determine what their marketing, sales, sponsorship, advertising, social,etc, etc line items will be in the budget.

If you are an entrepreneur and not doing this I would highly recommend you find a money manager and start doing this.

What many businesses forget to think about (or it's an afterthought) is events.

Events are magic.


Second segment: 11:15 Rooted in Revenue with host, Susan Finch @susanfinchweb

Topic: Your online pressroom - why you need one and what should be included


In one of our earlier episodes we covered your online media kit where you need to have the bios, photos and logos you want others to use. This is a continuation of that topic. Your online pressroom is about credibility. When you have credibility, it adds to your authority, which adds to your trust which means more people will trust you with their business. This page should be linked from your online press kit and be maintained regularly. It can includes all types of content where you or your company was interviewed, reviewed or mentioned. This includes:

  • Radio interviews
  • Podcast interviews
  • Television interviews
  • Video interviews
  • Magazines - print and online
  • Newspapers - print and online
  • Professional organization posts
  • Complimentary posts by others about you, your product, your company
  • Reviews online
  • Testimonials


 11:30am Sales Pipeline Radio with host, Matt Heinz @heinzmarketing

Guest: Jenn Martin, Global VP of Sales, BitTitan

Topic: New product, new sales process? How to evolve your product and GTM strategies together.

http://goo.gl/lcTphG to listen live

Jenn will share her experience with launching a new product and the decision of specialization in a sales team or generalization. When you have a new product that is sold differently than your existing product do you enable everyone to sell in the old and new way or do you create specalists? They started w/ generalists who sold all and had a lot of (hard) learnings. Now They are at specialization with much more success.


12:30 WVU Marketing Communications Today with host, Lee Silverman

Guest: Mark Tietbohl, Founder and Strategic Project Manager,Growth Strategy Advisors  @mtietbohl

Topic: Living Comfortably with Data


Our host, Lee Silverman welcomes Mark Tietbohl. He is a growth strategies advisor and change catalyst at Growth Strategy Advisors. Topics today are about getting comfortable with data.

There is a great deal of data eveywhere today. So much so, that most organizations wanting to start the data driven decision process can easily become overwhelmed. There are numerous studies that show that companies that drive decision with data experience greater growth than those that do not.


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