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Six Popular Blog Entries: From Salaries to Salespeople Lifting a Leg on CRM Systems

 These blog entries of  late seem to draw more interest than normal...

Salaries: National Sales Manager

MonyWe have not reported about this since February 2014.  Salaries very greatly by industry and somewhat (although not as much as some jobs) by geography.  In this report we have inserted some information about Canadian Sales Manager Salaries in Canadian Dollars.   More

Want to Get Paid More for the Same Work?

"Want a jump in compensation for basically doing the same job you have now?  Switch industries, but not the job title."

BoxerWhen a New CMO Meets the Sales Manager, Sparks Fly

“What can I do for you today?” Cyndi asked the new CMO as he settled into the chair facing her.

“It isn’t what you can do for me,” Tom said. “It’s what can I do for you.  While I’ve only been on the job for a few weeks, maybe there is something Marketing needs to do for you,” he said with a bemused smile.   More

MonySalaries: Event Manager Comp Varies Greatly by Location

Event Management covers a wide range of jobs.  It could be a job with an event company, an association, a company with private events or as a synonym for exhibits manager.   The salaries paid vary greatly by city and probably responsibility. The event manager may compensated quite a bit above the average for producing Dreamforce every year.     More

  NurtureWP Review: Lead Nurturing from Oracle

Why It’s Important:

“Every marketer must learn to nurture prospects and customers or be beaten by competitors who have mastered the process."    Sales Lead Management Association

  MonySalaries: Director of Marketing

How much does a Director of Marketing make? The average Director of Marketing salary is $121,744. Filter by location to see Director of Marketing salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 7,425 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Director of Marketing employees.    More

Why do salespeople lift a leg on the CRM System?

DogNo matter how good a CRM system you have there are always salespeople that will figuratively lift their leg on it and say they won’t use it. (Don't mean to be sexist here)  

The primary purpose of a CRM system, even if they don’t believe it, is to help bring control to their sales lives. Control time, reduce use of spreadsheets, track hundreds of prospects, reduce the need to remember appointments, important dates, and ultimately close more sales. Why do salespeople resist ... More 





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