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Why do salespeople lift a leg on the CRM System?

Dan McDade - Answers Who Owns the Pipeline and Why

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 Pipeline Ownership is a Growing Question - Dan McDade

Of course, the salespeople own the pipeline, right?  Maybe yes and maybe no.   With the advent of more sophisticated CRM systems, certainly marketing automation programs and now AI, marketing is getting involved in almost every step of the pipeline.  And with involvement comes a responsibility.   In this program DAN McDade, CEO of PointClear talks about pipeline ownership and how technology isn’t always the answer if the basics aren’t being addressed:
  • Marketing automation doesn’t seem to eat its own dogfood!
  • Dan thinks the top percentage of prospects should not go through marketing automation
  • Will senior executives give up their digital body language?
  • Saturated lists are an issue in lead gen!
  • Alignment is the issue between sales and marketing!
  • Marketing has to understand what a lead is and what sales needs
  • The reality is that marketing ownership it is limited
  • However, marketing is handling more of the cycles of contact
  • CSO says marketing works on 25-30% of the pipeline
  • What is this blackhole called CRM?
  • Marketing has a limited view of what a qualified lead is most of the time
  • What are the three C’s that sales is driven by?
  • Should marketing spend any money on branding?
  • Where is the ownership for sales lead qualification?
Why It Matters:

600x600-SLMARADIO-20180412-mcdadeDan McDade says, "Scoring algorithms are allowing more poor-quality leads to go to sales faster than ever before!"

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About Dan McDade

Dan McDade founded PointClear in 1997 to help B2B companies with complex sales processes drive revenue through lead generation, qualification and nurturing. For close to 20 years, he’s been instrumental in developing strategies that assure 100% of leads delivered to client sales organizations are fully qualified to client specifications.

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