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Why It’s Important:

“Best-in-Class companies are aggressively supporting inside sales-enablement, and as a result see an average of 87% of their reps achieving quota, and a 17% year-over-increase in corporate revenue.”

Ken Murray - VanillaSoft

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Title:   Why traditional CRM is Not Enough

Subtitle:  A white paper on the changing dynamics of inside sales

Published by/Authors:  Ken Murray - VanillaSoft      

Gated: Yes

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Length:  5 Pages






  • CRM needs to change behavior and drive productivity
  • Buyer driven freedom has caused inside salespeople to nurture, and engage when the prospect is ready to engage
  • Best in class companies supporting inside sales see an average of 87% making quota
  • A 17% year over year increase in corporate revenue is reported for best in class companies.
  • Best in class companies have an 80% gain in revenue while the industry average company is only 43% and laggards, 10%
  • Deal size for best in class is 45% better vs only 22% for the industry average
  • Best in class companies that offer sales enablement tools outstrip the industry average in all categories:
    • External hosted contact center technology
    • Co-Browsing
    • Preview Dialing
    • Click-to-Call
    • Intelligent Call Routing
    • Algorithmic determination of ideal call recipients
    • Predictive or progressive dialing

SLMA Comments:   

There are only five pages but it is packed with meaningful statistics.  VanillaSoft’s white paper quoting industry stats from Aberdeen and others makes the case that a truly enabled CRM system, not just simple contact, or prospect tracking systems are what is needed to compete.


Recommended for: 

  • President
  • C-Level Folks
  • CFO
  • CSO
  • CMO
  • Marketing Operations
  • Content Management and Creation
  • Product Management

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