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Sales Lead Manager Job Description: AKA: Demand Manager, Inquiry Manager - Updated


This job description for the Sales Lead Manager has been updated several times and the list of essential functions continues to grow.   It was last updated in June of 2016.  You can forward this to others or give them this link to the description on the SLMA site.    In many respects the importance of this position has grown to be of equal importance to the Marketing Operations Manager.   The two functions may share responsibility.

Job Summary

The Sales Lead Manager manages the entire function of the sales lead management process.  He or she manages the customer relationship management system, digital or manual data entry of inquiries and sales leads, distribution of sales leads to the sales people or distributors, fulfillment (print or digital), the marketing automation system, content management and delivery, and the return on investment reporting for the demand generation programs.  

Essential Functions - Alpha Order

  1. Analytics - Understands Digital Analytics:  Capable of understanding and reporting on campaign results in all of the digital permeation's. 
  2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Stays familiar with the latest advances in using artificial intelligence in lead generation, database management, customer relationship management and marketing automation.  
  3. Business Rules: Documents business rules for sales and marketing.  Follows the written business rules which marketing and the sales channel must pursue to ensure 100% accountability for all lead generating activities. 
  4. Creates Qualified Leads: Works to convert sales inquiries to the highest value sales leads; i.e., qualified Leads which are people qualified to buy. Has sufficient experience to recommend to marketing management and the company’s agencies, techniques to increase the number of qualified inquirers who respond to the company’s promotional efforts. 
  5. Content Management: Works with product management and or content management to ensure that the right content is created and delivered at each step of the sales process. See Marketing Automation, Fulfillment, Sales Pipeline Support.
  6. CRM:  Understands the CRM system and works to make sure that the system delivers qualified inquiries (sales leads) in a timely manner to the sales channel.
  7.  Database Marketing: Understands database marketing and can make recommendations about the type of database structure needed.   
  8. Database Purchase: Understands how to purchase dB lists that have a higher return on investment than other lists.
  9. Follow-up:  Works with sales management to be sure that 100% of all sales inquiries are followed-up.  
  10. Formulas: Understands the formulas that are used to predict marketing ROI. 
  11. Fulfillment:  Ensures the fulfillment of prospect requests for information within 60 seconds for web inquiries and 24 hours of the acceptance of leads from other non-digital sources. Creates literature packages or PDF files for fulfillment.
  12. Lead Grading: Understands how to grade inquiries based on the answers to profile questions using Boolean Logic and or artificial intelligence processes.
  13. Lead Distribution:   Distributes inquiries and leads to the B2B sales channel within one hour of data entry.  Leads from digital sources will be distributed in real time as processed.   For B2C distribute the web-based digital inquiries and sales leads to the sales channel within 1 minute of data entry.    
  14. Marketing Automation: Understands and is capable of guiding inquiry nurturing processes which ultimately deliver sales ready leads.   Nurturing includes but is not limited to email, telemarketing, printed fulfillment, webinars, and marketing automation programs.
  15. On-Time Lead Arrival: Works with the corporation’s agencies (PR, Advertising, On-Line, Direct Mail, Telemarketing) to create a blend of sales inquiries that arrive on a predictable schedule each month.
  16. Qualified Leads: Must be able to deliver qualified leads from the sales inquiries generated by the company (or vendors).  Guides systems and processes to give the sales people qualified sales leads (not just inquiries), by recommending the qualification questions and answers required to qualify an inquiry.  Understands sales quota requirements and strives to deliver sufficient inquiries and leads for salespeople to attain quota.
  17. ROI:  Ensures that sufficient quantitative and qualitative research has been completed with prospects and customers so that management can make informed decisions about the ROI for lead generation.
  18. Reports: on inquiry activity by product, source, and source type. Delivers a monthly report showing sales results from sales inquiries and leads. 
  19. Sales Pipeline Support: Understands the various steps in the sales process and supports those steps with sufficient content to aid the salespeople.  See marketing Automation and Content Management.
  20. Supports and Drives Sales Revenue: Creates inquiries and qualified leads to support the sales forecast for the company on a monthly quarterly and yearly basis. 

Coordinates Activities between these Departments:

  1. Sales
  2. Marketing 
  3. Marketing Operations
  4. Content Management
  5. Events and Exhibits
  6. Field Sales Marketing
  7. Sales Operations
  8. Inside Sales
  9. International Sales
  10. Inbound and Outbound departments
  11. Finance (ROI Reporting)


  1. Education: College degree (BS or MBA) preferably in marketing. Comparable life experience in lieu of degree acceptable.   A record of achievement counts more than anything else. 
  2. Experience: 3 years industry experience or proven marketing achievements in a related industry is desirable.
  3. Knowledge: An understanding of product positioning, promotion, and return on marketing investment are needed.
  4. Previous Positions in sales as a sales representative are a plus as this experience brings a balanced perspective and inclination for teamwork in achieving corporate goals.  Experience as a marketing communications manager a plus.   Agency experience a plus.
  5. Software: Understands and is capable of managing CRM, Marketing Automation, artificial intelligence and Advocacy Software.
  6. Technically Capable to judge the various programs that manage inquiries (SaaS, CRM and SFA programs, Marketing Automation software, etc). 

Salary:  Oddly enough there is no clear salary listing for this job.  These positions are sometimes confused with telemarketing management.  

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