Does Marketing Own the Pipeline?
D'Onofrio and Godley discuss How Sales Reps Must be Domain, Content, and Information Experts

Funnel Radio Line-up March 8, 2018


Starting at 10:30 with a special episode of SLMA Radio and guest host, Mark Godley of LeadGenius. His guest is Mike D'Onofrio of Lean Data. CRM Radio's host, Jim Obermayer welcomes Bill Furlong of SquareStack. Matt Heinz wraps up the broadcasting with a much anticipated show with Manny Medina of OutreachSaaS



10:30 SLMA Radio with guest host, Mark Godley, CEO LeadGenius @LeadGenius

Mike D'Onofrio, Chief Revenue Officer LeanData @leandata
The evolution of sales: Reflections on many decades in the trenches

While sales functions have changed its evolution has been just as dramatic as its sister discipline of marketing.  In this program, host Mark Godley, CEO of  LeadGenuis will interview Mike D'Onofrio Chief Revenue Officer of LeanData. Mark explores with Mike why today is the best of times to be in sales and the expected future of the sales profession.  The program guest host is Mark Godley.


11:00 CRM Radio with host, James Obermayer

Bill Furlong, Squarestack @wkjfurlong
Why business applications tools need management

How to manage and simplify your separate business application tools so they don’t manage you!

New business applications are bombarding businesses with promises of efficiency, but each has its own baggage of management and integration issues. The tools show promise and hundreds more are introduced each year, but somehow the tools have to be managed or each will individually suck the life out of your staff’s time. In this show with Bill Furlong, CEO of SquareStack, we discuss how business can manage a portfolio of business applications that can also be customized at the user’s discretion. The host is Jim Obermayer.



11:30 Sales Pipeline Radio with host, Matt Heinz @heinzmarketing

Manny Medina, CEO Outreach SaaS @medinism
Can you trust your sales team with technology? Outreach thinks so.

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