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Funnel Radio Line-up March 15, 2018

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Starting at 10:30 am with guest host and 20 Women Leaders in Business winner/2018 nominee - Anna Fisher and her guest, Ted Leutz - both of ZoomInfo, "What it means to internalize a data first mentality." Then Lany & Susan bring you Rooted in Revenue. Guest Nancy Bleeke gives helpful tips on how they are focusing their efforts in a new virtual training direction. Matt Heinz welcome Jonah-Kai Hancock of TUNE. Digging deep into marketing operations 2.0: How one company is managing the next generation of martech stacks. Our broadcast day wraps up with host Matt Cummings and his guest on WVU Marketing Communication, Bob Bentz, Author, Founder Purplegator.



10:30 - SLMA Radio with guest host, Anna Fisher, Sr. Director of Marketing, Head of Lead Generation, ZoomInfo @zoominfo

Guest: Ned Leutz, Director, New Business Sales, ZoomInfo

Topic: What it means to internalize a data first mentality

Data is the lifeblood of all sales and marketing initiatives (or the electricity that powers them) – but we’re not referring to just any data; for this discussion, we’re talking about quality contact and account data; the data that every sales and marketing person depends on. The guest is Ned Leutz Director of new business at ZoomInfo.  The host is Anna Fisher.


11:00 - Rooted in Revenue with hosts Susan Finch

Guest: Nancy Bleeke, President & CSO, Sales Pro Insider @SalesProInsider

Topic: Revenue Tips from Nancy Bleeke

One of the takeaways from this episode is that many of us take courses, attend seminars and more, but it's up to us to implement the take aways. Even if we only get one tip we can apply, WE need to apply it ourselves. 

Nancy talked about creating her companies’ future - their revenue generator - is their new virtual course option. This is an 11 week course to immerse into and then develop the habits for collaborative selling.



11:20 - Rooted in Revenue with host: Lany Sullivan

Topic: Top 5 Says to Monetize Your Event

When you decide to add events as a revenue stream into your business the normal thought process is to focus on ticket sales to make money.

Ticket sales are extremely important as that is your indicator for 1) How many people are attending your event and 2) Where you need to adjust your marketing efforts to increase “butts in seats”.



11:30 - Sales Pipeline Radio with Host, Matt Heinz @heinzmarketing

Guest: Jonah-Kai Hancock @jonahkai, Sr Dir. of Marketing Field Marketing, Demand Generation and Operations at TUNE

Topic: Marketing Operations 2.0: How one company is managing the next generation of martech stacks

 LISTEN LIVE or catch the replays >


 12:30 - WVU Marketing Communications Today with host, Matthew Cummings

Guest: Bob Bentz, Author and President of Purplegator @purplegator

Topic: Relevance Raises Awareness

Marketing is an ongoing contest for people’s attention. Mobile marketing is all about customer engagement and acquisition with a relevant message that provides the response a brand is seeking. Mobile is the closest a brand can get to its customer.  What we’ll be discussing today is how a brand or business can take advantage of marketing in the age of mobile. Today's episode is hosted by Matthew Cummings.


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