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How Data-Driven Marketing Infuses the Soul of Marketing

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Have we dehumanized marketing? We talk with Susan Emerick, a long standing social media advocate to understand how being a data-driven marketer improves and enhances your have we dehumanized marketing?

Data-driven communication is the buzz word in marketing as we are being held accountable for our efforts and our budgets. Metrics, measurement, and milestones are the vocabulary of today, but does that mean awareness, engagement and loyalty no longer matter? In our focus on big data and data science, have we dehumanized marketing? Today we talk with Susan Emerick, a long standing social media advocate to understand how being a data-driven marketer improves and enhances your social presence and infuses the soul of marketing.  


Susan is the Principal and founder of Brands Rising, where she works with Fortune 100 companies, providing expertise in strategy, engagement and measurement methods. A passionate data-driven marketing change agent, Susan Emerick has navigated the evolution of internet marketing since its inception.

An early pioneer in digital and social networking for business, she was instrumental in creating IBM’s social insights practice to continuously apply social listening insights to marketing planning and engagement strategies. As a result, IBM was awarded the 2010 SAMMY (Social Advertising, Media and Marketing) for Best Socialized Business.

Susan has served on several advisory boards and she is the author and co-author of several books including “The Most Powerful Brand on Earth: How to Transform Teams, Empower Employees, Integrate Partners and Mobilize Customers to Beat the Competition in Digital and Social Media” - a must read for anyone striving to build brand advocacy.

Susan is also part of the exemplary WVU faculty as an online adjunct instructor in their Masters of Science DMC program.


Cyndi W. Greenglass is a founding partner and Senior Vice President Strategic Solutions at Diamond Communication Solutions, a data driven communications firm specializing in Healthcare, Financial Services and direct response solutions. Cyndi was recently recognized as among the Top 10 Most Inspiring People in Sales Lead Management, as well as Tope 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management. She  has twice been named into the Top 100 Influential BTB Marketers by Crain’s BtoB Magazine, and was the 2012 CADM Chicago Direct Marketer of the Year. Cyndi is a member of the Executive Management team at Diamond Marketing Solutions where she is responsible for the strategic planning process, participates in strategic acquisitions, and manages the agency services division.

Cyndi is delighted to be part of the WVU faculty as an online adjunct instructor in their Masters of Science DMC program.

WVU Marketing Communications Today

WVU Marketing Communications Today, a syndicated show that is at the intersection of data-driven decision making and marketing practice. Each week we highlight an emerging or current trend impacting marketers today. Hosted by Cyndi Greenglass, our inaugural faculty member in the Masters of Science DMC Program, we will hear from leading professionals who blend the academics and practice of data-driven marketing today.

Master of Science in Data Marketing Communications by West Virginia University

Degree Offered

The Data Marketing Communications (DMC) graduate program is offered exclusively online with no on-campus classroom attendance required. The DMC curriculum currently consists of 11 courses and is always evolving and changing to stay current with the industry. Students move through the program in 16 months as a cohort, taking the prerequisite course and the related Quantitative Assessment Exam, followed by eight core courses taken in thematically paired blocks, one elective and one capstone course.

In the WVU DMC program communications professionals learn how to integrate data and quantitative processes into their organizations to support key decision-making about communications initiatives.  Students will earn a practical and in-demand degree to bridge the gap between data scientists and communicators and help their organizations reach their key audiences and stakeholders to reach their goals. Graduates of the DMC program will be able to meet employer needs by being literate in the many ways data can be utilized to support marketing communication decision-making.

The program is taught by a diverse faculty who are recognized leaders in their fields.

Graduate Assistantships

Students in the DMC program who secure a graduate assistant position at any academic or non-academic unit on campus will be eligible to receive a waiver of University tuition for DMC courses, as well as any stipend/compensation offered by the unit hosting the position. For complete information on graduate assistant options at WVU, please visit the Graduate Education Assistantships webpage.

Program Format

The program’s academic year consists of five accelerated terms: Early Fall (August–October), Late Fall (October–December), Early Spring (January–March), Late Spring (March–May) and Summer (May–July).

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