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Book Review: Good manners for nice people who sometimes say F*ck.

Alkon-cellboorRecently I saw a post by a respected sales pro with a HUGE pile of books by industry authors she knows. We are all fortunate to have access to, and know some very talented, knowledgeable and entertaining writers. We are always trying to better ourselves, give ourselves an edge, but sometimes we need to do this through a lighter, more practical side.

Amy Alkon to the rescue. LA Weekly calls this "Miss Manners with Fangs." I say it's the more logical approach to modern problems with our behavior and ways to relearn bad habits, adjust our methods and sometimes just our thinking to get along better with those around us, call out the rude folks surrounding us flapping their jaws in loud conversations. I love her ideas on how to handle these, what we can do to take control back from those assaulting our brains with the inane. 

Written in 2014, it was a treasure I ran across at Powell's City of Books where our teens have a monthly book allowance. It's always a fun adventure. When I saw this I had to have it. I'm THAT aunt who sends the happy couple a manners book collection when they announce their engagement.

I have the paperback of this one, but this may be worth getting in the digital version too so I can have it handy and searchable on a moment's notice when I need THAT type of guidance. Because it has so many helpful tips and anecdotes, it's not a breezy read (272 pages), but very enjoyable. I found myself nodding my head throughout, pumping my fist and sighing relief that I'm not the only one completely annoyed with a lot of tech behavior. It's not the fault of devices. It's more psychological than that. Amy Alkon covers that at the start which will give you an entirely more logical perspective.

This is a good read for your teams. Add it to a annual sales meeting goodie bag.

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