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Top 10 Inspiring Leaders in Lead Gen. Do you Know Them?

These 10 inspiring leaders in Lead Generation understand that measuring the ROI for lead generation campaigns is paramount or their creations have limited meaning.  These inspiring leaders were elected by the membership of the Sales Lead Management Association.

Why it Matters

 "If you can’t measure the ROI from your sales lead management system, lead generation programs are just a form of gambling."

James W. Obermayer 

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The 10 winners in the order of votes received, are:

People in Lead Generation Companies

Anna Fisher, ZoomInfo
David Lewis, DemandGen International
Laurie Beasley, Beasley Direct and Online Marketing, Inc.
Pamela Muldoon, The Pedowitz Group
Howard Sewell, Spear Marketing Group
Mike Murphy, Acadia Lead Management Services
Renee Yeager, Yeager Marketing
Tom Judge, Direct Marketing Partners
Cyndi Greenglass, Diamond Marketing Solutions
Kimmy Netterville, PointClear

A Full list of all 40 appear here 


 10 Most Inspiring Leaders Lead Generation Company Professionals 2016

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