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Survey: What will make CMO's Happy?

IStock-627130554It seems there are never ending discussions today about what makes us happy.  Happy, happy, happy, it seems everyone is seeking happiness, as if it is a place, a right and not an outlook.

So,  I said to myself, "What makes a CMO happy in their job?  At the end of the day, when a CMO goes home and their spouse asks, "Did you have a good day?"   How will the CMO answer?  What makes a good day for a CMO?

To find out, we are asking CMO's to take a survey on the SLMA site.  Go here to take the survey.  Please, CMO's only.  It is open only to those carrying the title.  

After you answer the question you will see the results. From the results you may do your job differently on a day to day basis.

Take the CMO Happiness Survey

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