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Salary - Sales Operations Manager

Salary wheel barrowThis information is offered on January 8 , 2018 as a benefit to our members and subscribers.  The salary ranges will differ depending on geographical location, type of products sold, time in grade, etc. Follow the links for more information. The links and companies quoted are offered in a random fashion. This information is offered as a guide.  Use the links  to know more.


Sales Operations Manager Salaries

The national average salary for a Sales Operations Manager is $92,731 in United States. Filter by location... More

About This Data: 1,465 Salaries Updated Jan 3, 2018

Average Base Pay  $92,731/yr  

$63K  Low  $93K  Average  $131K High

Additional Cash Compensation

Average $13,037

Range  $4,729 - $37,906

Salaries for Related Job Titles

Director of Sales Operations    $141K

Sales and Operations Planning Manager   $93K

Sales Operations Analyst    $53K

Customer Service Manager   $37K


Sales Operations Manager Salary $75,000 

Bottom at $48,000 and peak near $121,000

Sales Operations Managers in the United States pull down an average of $75K annually. Including potential for bonuses and profit sharing, each hitting highs of $20K, total cash payment to Sales Geographic location is the biggest factor affecting pay for this group, followed by experience level. More


$44,983 - $107,778



$1,477 - $19,831


Profit Sharing

$0.00 - $15,726



$1,007 - $35,751


Total Pay (?)

$45,219 - $118,294


Sales operations managers oversee the training, management, and support of sales teams within an organization. They are usually heavily involved in interpreting and analyzing customer and sales data within the relevant software systems.



Sales Operations Manager Salaries in the United States  $67,278

Salary estimated from 3,319 employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 24 months. Last updated: January 5, 2018   The average salary for a Sales Operations Manager is $67,268 per year in the United States. Salary estimates are based on 3,319 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by Sales Operations Manager employees, users, and collected from past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 24 months. The typical tenure for a Sales Operations Manager is 2-4 years


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