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Look Where You Want to Go in Marketing, Not Where You'e Been or Where You Are!

The first rule in ridding a motorcycle, my father taught me (under the protest of my mother about a Harley I had just bought) is to keep your eyes on where you want to go and the bike will follow.  Not unlike advice every marketing manager should heed.

IStock_000015451654-200 (1)Why its Important

"Right now, close the door to your office, clear the white board and fill it with where you want the company and the marketing department to go.  Think forward. "

You won’t get a 20% market share growth by thinking last year’s 10% was good enough.    Repeat this and eventually you’ll be a failure.

You won’t reach 50% in qualified leads for the salespeople by thinking last year’s 10% was good enough.  Repeat last year and you’ll eventually be a failure

Why it Matters

"You can’t reach a 100% follow-up of sales leads if you think last year’s 25% follow-up is good enough.  It’s average and not competitive.  Repeat last year and you’ll eventually be a failure."

You can’t get a 5 X return on marketing spending if you think that last year’s ROI of a 3 X return is good enough. Repeat last year and you’ll eventually be a failure.

Good enough is for backward looking marketing managers that have lost the drive and enthusiasm they had on the first day they were named a CMO.   You can do it.  Dream a little.  You'll be surprised how your dreams thoughts become reality. 


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