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Funnel Radio Line Up Feb 1, 2018


 We are excited to announce a new show to our line up. Please welcome West Virginia University's Marketing Communications Today with host, Cyndi Greenglass. You need to listen to the end of the day as this show is on at 12:30 LIVE! We also have host, Pete Gillett continuing his conversation with Jonathan Farrington on Sales 2.0. Susan & Lany each have a segment at 11 for Rooted in Revenue and a tip from Deb Calvert. Matt's guest is Eric Spatzer of Citrix. PICNIC is just that today! A whole lively discussion about the things we hate about new devices.


10:30 - SLMA Radio with host, Pete Gillett @gillettpeter

Guest: Jonathan Farrington, CEO Top Sales World @TopSalesWorld
Topic: Sales 3.0 What's it all about?

Tweet-rooted-revenue-tip-calvert Tweet-rooted-define-event-experience

11:00 - Rooted in Revenue with hosts, Susan Finch and Lany Sullivan

First segment: Creating an amazing event experience - @eventsbylany

Second segment: Revenue Tip from Guest Deb Calvert, Pres People First Productivity Systems
@peoplefirstps @susanfinchweb


11:30 - Sales Pipeline Radio with host, Matt Heinz

Guest: Eric Spatzer, Citrix @espatzer
Topic: Sales Enablement at Enterprise Scale: How Citrix Does It


12:00 - P.I.C.N.I.C. Podcast by Ipswitch with hosts, Greg Mooney and Kevin Conklin
@ipswitch @kevinconklin @gregmooney

Panel: Alex Fisher, Jeff Edwards, Mark Towler
Topic: Things we hate about new devices


12:300 - NEW SHOW! WVU Marketing Communications Today by West Virginia University
Host: Cyndi Greenglass @directchick

Guest: Susan Emerick @sfemerick
Topic: Is “data-driven” the buzz kill for marketing?

Top 10 Inspiring Leaders in Lead Gen. Do you Know Them?

These 10 inspiring leaders in Lead Generation understand that measuring the ROI for lead generation campaigns is paramount or their creations have limited meaning.  These inspiring leaders were elected by the membership of the Sales Lead Management Association.

Why it Matters

 "If you can’t measure the ROI from your sales lead management system, lead generation programs are just a form of gambling."

James W. Obermayer 

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The 10 winners in the order of votes received, are:

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IT Podcasts Marketing Should Hear: GDPR, Security Threats, Cyber Crime, Dark Web and Digital War Room

Because, Marketing IT budgets are said to be fast surpassing the annual “Corporate IT Budget,” marketing operations management is the fastest growing title in marketing, and the number of software programs being administered by marketing for itself and sales is in the dozens and dozens, we suggest that marketing management needs to expand their knowledge of IT issues. 

Why it Matters

"It's time to wake up. IT issues are Marketing Issues."

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Salary: CRM Administrator

SalaryThis salary information for a CRM Administrator is offered on January 27 , 2018 as a benefit to our members and subscribers.  The salary ranges will differ depending on geographical location, type of products sold, time in grade, etc.  The links and companies quoted are offered in a random fashion. This information is offered as a guide. 


Salary   $39,162 - $84,614  

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Does Your Martech Stack Up? Tips and tricks from the field, Rhoan Morgan Hosts SLMA Radio

Tips and tricks from the field, Rhoan Morgan, your host and CEO of DemandLab chats with Delinda Tinkey, Sr. Sales and Marketing Automation Manager at Evolve IP.  

With over 5,000 martech solutions available today, it’s no surprise that marketers are outspending IT on technology investments, or that they’re using an average of 91 technology systems to support their marketing strategies. In this program, DemandLab CEO Rhoan Morgan interviews Delinda Tinkey, Sr. Sales and Marketing Automation Manager at Evolve IP who provides tips on how to:

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Funnel Radio Line Up January 25, 2018



10:30 - SLMA Radio with host Jim Obermayer

Guest: Mark Donnolo @salesglobe
Topic: Why Account Planning Delivers Outsized Revenue Results

Account planning is undoubtedly successful in the companies that employ it but its success depends on changes in attitude and processes that salespeople seem to loath.  While the results are invariably stunning, but the adoption in the short term is sometimes slow and in the long term difficult to sustain.  In this interview multiple book author and Mark Donnolo discusses his recent book,Essential Account Planning

  1. How to create a strategic account structure
  2. How to over-come initial resistance to change
  3. Who is involved in account planning
  4. How revenue is measured once a plan is in place (creating a dashboard)
  5. Other reasons and goals for account planning


11:00 - CRM Radio with host Jim Obmermayer

Guest: Mark Godley the President of LeadGenuis
Topic: How to Avoid the Mistakes of the B2B Sales Data Stack

Regardless of the software used and the lead generation programs, the successes of competitive corporations are now based on their ability to manage and access accurate data. Without accurate data, a company is at a severe disadvantage in the B2B market place. Our interview this week is with Mark Godley the President of LeadGenuis.  Mark presents his ideas on how to avoid mistakes in creating an accurate database.  The host is Jim Obermayer.


11:30 am - Sales Pipeline Radio with host Matt Heinz @heinzmarketing

Guest: Ryan Bonnici, CMO at G2Crowd @ryanbonnici
Topic: How to do PR for B2B: Driving Awareness, Thought Leadership AND Leads

I’m super impressed with how effective G2 Crowd lists have been, both the overall top XXX lists by segment as well as the metro area lists.  We'll talk about Ryan's approach to B2B PR, how that impacts sales pipeline (directly and indirectly).  Check it out and learn more about G2 Crowd here.


12:00 - P.I.C.N.I.C. Podcast by Ipswitch with host Greg Mooney @gregmooney

Guest: Steve Staden, CISSP, Senior Dir of Prod. Mgmt Ipswitch
Topic: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love GDPR


During this episode, we will try to answer the key questions related to European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which will be effective May 25, 2018:

  • What’s the biggest pain point around GDPR?
  • Who is impacted by GDPR?
  • What can GDPR be compared to?
  • Why should you even care about GDPR?

What happens after May 25th, the enforcement date?

Gambling is based on Luck and Marketing has no place for Luck

Why It Matters

"You have to ask yourself, ‘Can I  forecast the sales results for a lead generation campaign?’  “ If you can't, this is called gambling.  Gambling is based on Luck and Marketing has no place for gamblers."

James W. Obermayer

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Author John Asher Discusses Neuroscience Research that Affects Sales Approaches

John Asher is the Host this week for CRM Radio.  In writing his new book  Close Deals Faster: The 15 Shortcuts of the Asher Sales Method he takes the time to discuss how he uses the research from the field of neuromarketing to influence how he trains salespeople.  

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