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How Henry Schuck at DiscoverORG got to 24K Demos

Episode-card-640x640-schuckSitting in for Matt Heinz (jury duty called), Jim Obermayer interviews DiscoverORG CEO Henry Schuck to discuss how his company fed their revenue climb with a journey to 24k demos a year for the SDR team:

  • They discussed the history of DiscoverOrg’s SDR team (comparison of 2015 stats to today’s)
  • How 2015 became the year they focused on hyper growth
  • A realization of the need to step up the SDR program in order to compete with companies of the size they wanted to be

What they did:

o   Implemented new hiring methods

o   Created new inbound/outbound team structure

o   Better aligned SDR team w/Marketing

o   Invested in new Marketing leadership

  • The tech stack:  Highest quality data available remained the foundation
  • SDR incentives:  competitions, awards, clear career path
  • Created a culture of “No politics. No B.S.  No a-holes.”

o   Challenged SDRs to become 1% better each day

  • Bring Finance team in as an accountability partner
  • Metrics:  What they look ed for from inbound and outbound teams
  • Henry’s involvement: from “When it’s bad” to “When it can get better”

o   Personal attention, mentorship and encouragement are all key to keeping the team on track

o   Encourages the rest of the team to stay accountable, hold one another accountable

  • Why being paranoid when it’s good….is good

o   Need to ensure repeatability of excellenc

The results:  24,000 demos booked in a single year

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 More about Henry Schuck

Henry Schuck is a leading entrepreneur in sales intelligence and lead generation. Having founded DiscoverOrg in 2007 when he was 23, he has led the company on a rapid growth path including funding investments from the likes of TA Associates, Goldman Sachs BDC, FiveW Capital and NXT Capital.

Under Henry’s leadership, DiscoverOrg built the industry’s most accurate, highest-quality contact database, through a mix of technology and a team of live researchers who continually call into thousands of IT, marketing, HR, and finance departments. DiscoverOrg was recognized for the quality of its datasets with both a Stevie® and a CODIE award. It was also named a Leader and ranked Number One in customer service by G2 Crowd.

Before founding DiscoverOrg, Henry managed marketing and research at iProfile leading the company to a successful private equity sale.

He is a cum laude graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he was selected in 2013 as the Honors College Alumni of the Year. He also holds a juris doctorate degree cum laude from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law and has studied comparative law at Oxford University. He is a licensed attorney in Washington and Nevada.


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