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The Nine Most Listened-To Podcasts from SLMA Radio in 2017

The following shows have been the most listened to programs on SLMA Radio in 2017:  Cramer, Benson, Ryan, Sophia, Ehrle, Morgan, Shaw, De la Cruz, Amundson, and Konrath

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  Slma-radio-interviewed-120Book Review: Inside Content Marketing by Theresa Cramer    Featuring Theresa Cramer  - EContent Magazine

The Greatest Number One, Worst of All time, Failure of Sales Management   Featuring Steve Benson - Bager Maps

8 Components to Boost Lead to Revenue Results based on Research from 1400 Executives  Featuring  Chris Ryan - Fusion Marketing Partners

Content – What Role Should it Play in the Sales Process?   Featuring Liz Sophia and Mike Ehrle

How to Increase Sales by Automating the Lead Management Process   Featuring  Guy De la Cruz - VanillaSoft 

How Leading Companies Increase Revenue in today’s Hyper Competitive Environment!  Featuring  Rhoan Morgan - DemandLab

ABM: How to Build a Meaningful Account List in Days  Featuring  Lena Shaw - LeadGenuis

How Predictive Marketing Leads to those Likely to Buy From You  Featuring Matt Amundson  - Everstring

5 Most Important Things Jill Konrath has Learned in Business and Life   Featuring Jill Konrath - Jill Konrath.com


IStock-597649690Executive Interviews on the 5 Most Important Things these Six Executives have learned in business and Life!

Hear in-depth, heart-felt revelations from Jeanne Hopkins, Matt Heinz, Jill Konrath, Kevin Joyce, Justin Gray, and David Krieger 



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