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MI Software: How it Improves Marketing ROI - Katie Bullard

Marketing Intelligence Software: How it Improves Marketing ROI


Marketing Intelligence and software may be the rage right now, which isn’t a surprise for anyone in the database business, and yet few companies have stepped forward with hardcore proof of how MI and its application with accurate data sets is improving the life of the salesperson.  Fewer still are able to claim how it improves the ROI for marketing.  In this interview with Katie Bullard, Chief Growth Office at DiscoverORG,  Bullard shows exactly how a marketing intelligence platform is currently giving users a dramatic ROI for salespeople and marketing operations.

The interview discusses:

  • How a salesperson’s productivity jumps with the right database platform
  • How marketing can apply the marketing intelligence platform and get an ROI that is hugely measurable
  • Why the cost for the platform is easily returned in productivity for sales and marketing


  Henry Schuck, co-founder and CEO of DiscoverOrg

Chief Growth Officer

Katie is responsible for leading the global marketing, product management, and partnership functions at DiscoverOrg. She brings 15 years of marketing, product, and strategy experience in global, high-growth technology businesses to her role at DiscoverOrg. Prior to joining DiscoverOrg, Katie served in executive leadership roles at Mitratech, Accruent, and Hoover’s. She has a bachelor’s and masters degree from the University of Virginia.

About DiscoverOrg’s 

DiscoverOrg is the leading global sales and marketing intelligence tool used by 4,000 of the world’s fastest growing companies to accelerate growth. The company itself has been named an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company seven times. DiscoverOrg’s award-winning solutions provide a stream of accurate and actionable company, contact, and buying intelligence that can be used to find, connect with, and sell to target buyers more effectively – all integrated into the leading CRM, SDR, and Marketing Automation Tools in the market. DiscoverOrg’s team of over 250 researchers refreshes every data point at minimum every 60 days – ensuring customers reach the right buyers with the right message at the right time.

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