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How to Create Sales-Ready Leads from Website Visitors - White Paper from ActiveConversion

Converting Visitors into Sales LeadsTitle:   Converting Visitors into Sales Leads

Published by/Authors:   ActiveConversion

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Length:  Seven Pages

Highlights:   This is a discussion of how the thousands of companies involved in the oil and gas industry (not just the oil and gas giants) but the many thousands of companies that supply the giants and themselves with goods and services, create sales ready leads.  For instance, in Canada there are 2300 companies servicing this industry and $80 Billion in revenue annually. There are most likely, millions of website visitors to these 2300 companies.

This white paper is about automating processes that can generate qualified sales ready leads for high yield sales activities for any company, not just the Oil and Gas Industry.  It starts with the SEO of a website, which is no surprise, which then leads to recommendations to:

  • Identify the company visiting the website of the vendor
  • Compile information such as pages observed and or downloaded by visitor
  • Collect the amount of time, the visitor spends on each page and the site itself
  • Record and report repeat visits to the site by the same person or company, which indicates sustained interest on the part of the searcher, which are recorded and reported
  • The authors recommend lead nurturing for those visitors that identify themselves

From this relatively anonymous information the authors say the host site’s marketing people can determine the visitor’s position in the sales cycle and create sales ready leads.  The authors recommend sending sales ready leads to sales people, even if the researcher has not officially made themselves known except for their interest revealed in their website visit.

Why its Important:

"From relatively anonymous information the authors say the host site’s marketing people can determine the visitor’s position in the sales cycle and create sales ready leads." 

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There is some computer magic required from a program or company that has a process to do this.  This is where the author’s company comes in. 

SLMA Comments:   The basics are never out of style as most industrial companies, including oil and gas, are sometimes years behind the technical curve in developing qualified sales leads in an automated manner (which lowers marketing costs and increases sales productivity);  and yet what they are discussing is way beyond the basics. 

The authors do not make a pitch for their services; they simply give you options to follow that will give you the best yield and leave you to connect the dots that they can do this for you. The company does not say that they have capabilities in on-line advertising, conversion software and precise-tail SEO (which they do) that will deliver sales ready leads.  It is modestly implied on page 7:  About ActiveConversion

ActiveConversion specializes in developing repeatable online sales and marketing systems for industrial companies. Our technology-based system employs best practices in online marketing and lead generation, and delivers measurable results to our customers. Since 2004, we have completed more than 500 successful projects to help companies succeed online. For more information, visit activeconversion.com or call 1-877-872-2ROI.

Recommended for: 

  • President (So they know what they don't know)
  • CFO (So they know how marketing dollars are spent)
  • CSO (So they know how they can get sales ready leads)
  • CMO (So they know how to create sales ready leads from people that don’t always identify themselves early in the sales cycle)
  • Marketing Operations (So they know the few steps needed to do their jobs)
  • Content Management and Creation (This is where nurturing is required)
  • Product Management (So they understand that technology in marketing is required to be successful in creating sales ready leads)

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