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"Well done is better than well said."

Benjamin Franklin said "Well done is better than well said." about 229 years ago and it is still fresh today.

Ben FranklinsWith the talk we have heard about CRM and the progress marketing automation has made for the last ten years, most marketing managers are still not walking the talk when it comes to measuring ROI for lead generation. I just didn’t realize how much insight Ben had into marketing.

James Lenskold the author of Marketing ROI certainly nailed it when he taught marketers how to stop talking about marketing ROI and start proving it. I am sure every marketer would like to hear “Well done" instead of just well said.


This is a calculator to determine the sales results from a lead generation campaign.

This is a calculator to determine the number of sales leads (inquiries) needed to obtain a forecasted sales quota.

The "Ben Franklins" above are just a reminder of the payoff if marketing ROI is done right.

What are the "Well Done " things you have to report as 2017 comes to a close?  

  • Did you create enough sales leads so the salespeople made quota?
  • Which lead generation activities created the most qualified leads? 
  • Do you know which lead generation activities created the most sales?
  • Do salespeople credit you with helping them make quota?
  • Or do salespeople complain that they are not making quota because they lack qualified prospects?
  • Does marketing have a qualified lead quota?

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