"Well done is better than well said."
Dark Web Spotlight: Business and Individual Identity: Sunday Musings

Funnel Radio Lineup November 30, 2017


Our shows start at 9:30 this morning with David Lewis interviewing Mark Godley of LeadGenius, followed by guest host, Steve Benson of Badger Maps and his guest, Derrick Green of Colonial Life.  Continuing our series of 5 things learned in business and life, Jim's guest is Stacy Gentile, Marketing Manager at GoldMine CRM. Matt's guest,  Dan Frohnen Vice President of Marketing - Skedulo talks about being a sales focused CMO. Our day ends with Kevin Conklin and his guest, Kevin Lancaster talking about the Dark Web on PICNIC Podcast.


9:30 DemandGen Radio, David Lewis Host @demandgendave

Guest: Mark Godley, President, LeadGenius
Topic: What questions should we ask data providers when evaluating them?



10:30 SLMA Radio, Steve Benson Host @badgermaps @stevebenson

Guest: Derrick Green
Topic: How to train your reps 75% faster – A Case Study




11:00 CRM Radio, James Obermayer Host

Guest: Stacy Gentile, Marketing Manager, GoldMine @stacgentile
Topic: 5 Most Important Things that Stacy Gentile of GoldMine has Learned in Business & Life


Tweets-instream-images-800x600 Dan Frohnen

11:30 Sales Pipeline Radio, Matt Heinz Host

Guest: Dan Frohnen Vice President of Marketing - Skedulo @danielfrohnen
Topic: What does it mean to be a “sales-focused CMO”?



12:00 PICNIC Podcast, Kevin Conklin Host @kevinconklin @ipswitch

Guest: Kevin Lancaster
Topic: Spotlight on the Dark Web: business and individual identity


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