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WSJ D.LIVE Interview with Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

WSJ Article on AI - Interview with Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

Companies Must Use AI-Or Else

In the October 24, 2017 edition of the Wall Street Journal on page R9 the Journal’s Chief News editor, Jason Anders spoke with Intel Chief Executive Brian Krzanich.      The subhead is, “If a company isn’t using artificial intelligence says Intel CEO Brian Krzanish, it is going to be outpaced by another company that is.” 

Yes, I am admitted WJS die-hard reader; I read it daily front to back, best newspaper in the country.  This article is worth reading, (as well as Baidu Sees AI as the Key to Its Future ) not to mention other interviews in this section:  Katzenberg on Weinstein, Is Regulation Ahead for Giants of Tech?  At Oracle, It’s All About the Cloud. The Outlook for Tech M&A, to name a few.

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While we don’t make a habit of going so deeply into quoting articles from any source, this article got our attention because we have done twelve interviews on CRM and SLMA Radio/Podcasts to discuss the impact of AI on sales and marketing.

Some quotable quotes from the article:

Krzanich: “Almost every company I can think of, every application it’s going to be affected by artificial intelligence”

Krzanich: “We did a project with Levi’s.  They can now track what goes into the changing room and never comes out, never goes out of their store.  Do you pick up red things, but only buy white things.  All of that data could really transform brick-and-mortar retail as well.”

Krzanich: “We started to think about what we call neural processing, which is that you’re starting to look at very large data sets…We have a goal to by 2020 to be 100 times better than the best artificial-intelligence systems out there today using this neural processing.”

Anders:  Who beside Intel is doing things that you find absolutely are just blowing you away?”

Krzanich: “The place where we see the probably the most innovation is with cloud-service providers.  That’s Googles, the Facebooks, The Amazons, the Alibabas.”

Most Important thought from Krzanich:

“I think when you ask a company, are you an artificial intelligence company, you have to ask them, what’s your use? What have you shifted?   What have you changed? What have you improved? What’s running more efficiently?  Or, what are you delivering to the customer that shifts what makes their life better? “

Brian Krzanich

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