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Those Who Know How to Harvest Are Few

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You say, “Is he nuts? Of course I know how to harvest, that is what marketing does.”

Maybe I should ask, how is CRM and Marketing Automation processes working for you after the harvest?  Both are valid questions.  Both entwined with each other.  Both dependent on each other in a performance oriented dance that is more easily measured than most people let on.  

Harvesting and processing leads?  Without the two working together, your company has squat.   I know that is blunt, but if you accomplish the harvest bit, using the CRM system correctly and the marketing automation system efficiently is a very fair question.

Of course, everyone declares that lead generation can be measured and tracked and refined and repeated, but does it happen in the common everyday B2B company?  It is happening in the largest B2B companies; it is happening more than some admit, because who wants to admit openly and let their competitors know that they have figured out the secret sauce for growth? 

We know lead generation can be refined to create a high quantity of qualified leads and subsequently sales.  The CRM tracks, informs and delivers the leads and tracks the pipeline and lead generation success. Marketing Automation takes on sales chores (more to a salesperson’s long term peril than they realize) as it delivers content based on precise information which is revealed from questions and answers.  

Why It’s Important

“It’s no secret that multiple contacts with a prospect leads to increased sales results even while 75-90% of all salespeople fail to follow-up at all.   Because of this, how long will it take for marketing to fully assume sales functions without salespeople?”

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With advances almost weekly in artificial intelligence (machine learning or marketing intelligence) it is becoming easier to find a qualified prospect before it is sent to a sales representative.  It is also easier to qualify a lead without sales involvement.   And it is also becoming easier to make the sale without a sales person’s involvement. 

So, I ask you, how is it working for you?  If you don’t have the process tools in place and working together (CRM, MA, AI) to measure your lead gen from an ROI perspective, when will you start?  If you have the process in place, are you measuring lead generation and using the systems to their maximum advantage or do you say you have the capability but haven’t gotten around to it yet?   What is keeping you? Fear of what you will find?   

If research and rumors are true, more than 90% of all B2B companies have some form of CRM system, (with a high percentage -more than 60%- of the companies unhappy with the installation).  Some where north of 50% have a marketing automation system (a number I have doubts about).  Click here for the latest 2017 Report on Top Marketing Automation Companies.

Some managers have gotten around to managing the harvest in the fullest sense and they are kicking the butts of those who bought the technology and expected it to work without creativity and management. 

In marketing, the need is great, but those who know how to fully harvest are few. 

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