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Sunday Musings: SalesForces's Matt Sweezey's thoughts Since Marketing Automation for Dummies

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Mathew Sweezey, Author of Marketing Automation for Dummies and Principle of Marketing Insights at Salesforce is interviewed  on DemandGen Radio hosted by David Lewis. 

Mathew provides his perspectives on:

  • What has changed since the publication of his book on marketing automation in 2013
  • Mathew’s view into Automation 1.0 vs 2.0 from a technology and mindset perspective
  • Shifting your view of marketing automation as a platform to it simply being a node of “the marketing stack network”
  • Examples of other forms automation, such as Chat Bots and dynamic content, that function independently outside the marketing automation system
  • How marketing must become contextual to communicate with people when and where they are
  • The number of marketing tools high performing vs low performing companies use
  • Why there isn’t an “uber marketing system” to incorporate all the key functions marketing needs
  • Is marketing ready to take ownership of the today’s marketing infrastructure requirements 
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    DemandGen Radio is hosted by David Lewis of DemandGen International


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