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Funnel Radio Lineup Oct 19, 2017

On Being Creative - A 53 Second Spark of Creativity from Gershik

Is creativity something that only right brained people own or can it be developed and nurtured?  Creativity is an odd, evasive trait that most people say they have, but few can practice with regularity. 

Steve Gershik, as a successful sales and marketing pro, understands the value of improv training in sparking creativity and he talks about it in this 53 second tip you can apply immediately to ensure your creative success. We have titled it, “Start with the YES.”  We think it is 53 seconds of…being creative.

600x600-SLMAnugget-gershik-startwithyesThis SLMA Gold Nugget tip came from outtakes of a recent interview on CRM Radio, "Where have all the risk takers gone?

 In the interview on CRM Radio, Gershilk slides into one of his favorite subjects of how to spark creativity in yourself and your staff.  Steve (of Koyne Marketing) thinks creativity can be turned on and developed with some subtle nudges.

The full interview is here:

 More:  Where have all the Risk Takers gone?


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