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Sunday Musings: SalesForces's Matt Sweezey's thoughts Since Marketing Automation for Dummies

Funnel Radio Lineup Oct. 12, 2017


9:30 am DemandGen Radio with host David, Lewis

Guest: Mathew Sweezey, @msweezey
Author, Keynote Speaker, and Marketing Insights at Salesforce

Interview with Mathew Sweezey, Author of Marketing Automation for Dummies

Mathew provides his perspectives on:

  • What has changed since the publication of his book on marketing automation in 2013
  • Mathew’s view into Automation 1.0 vs 2.0 from a technology and mindset perspective
  • Shifting your view of marketing automation as a platform to it simply being a node of “the marketing stack network”
  • Examples of other forms automation, such as Chat Bots and dynamic content, that function independently outside the marketing automation system
  • How marketing must become contextual to communicate with people when and where they are
  • The number of marketing tools high performing vs low performing companies use
  • Why there isn’t an “uber marketing system” to incorporate all the key functions marketing needs
  • Is marketing ready to take ownership of the today’s marketing infrastructure requirements



10:30 am SLMA Radio with host, James Obermayer

Guest: Howard Sewell, CEO, Spear Marketing @spearmktg

Topic: The 4 Common Mistakes in Lead Nurturing That Lead to Failure

 Lead Nurturing, not to be confused with dumping all your available content on new prospects, has a certain finesse if done right, but it can lead to impatience, frustration and rejection by prospects if done poorly.  In this program we interview Howard Sewell, president of Spear Marketing about the four common failures of lead nurturing.



 11:00 am CRM Radio with host, James Obermayer

Guest: Steve Gershik, CEO, Koyne Marketing @sgersh

Topic: Where have all the risk takers gone?

This program, with freewheeling creative guru Steve Gershik of Koyne Marketing, laments the disappearance of risk takers in marketing.  The program morphs into advice for energizing individual creativity to jump start marketing ideas that create results.  From improv comedy to creative dance. Gershik challenges us all to stretch.  The host is Jim Obermayer.



11:30 am SalesPipeline Radio with host, Robert Pease

Topic: Predictable Pipeline



12:00 pm P.I.C.N.I.C. Podcast with host Kevin Conklin

Guest: Mike Paquette, Director of Product Security Marketing, Elastic @elastic

Topic: Security Analytics and the Application of Machine Learning to Security Analytics

We will talk about Security Analytics and their application with machine learning. It is the right time to ask ourselves:

  • What’s the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning?
  • Are there multiple types of machine learning?
  • Is Artificial Intelligence going to reduce the number of people needed in security analyst jobs?
  • Can machine learning be used to detect threats?
  • Can machine learning be used to identify malicious software?
  • What’s the story behind ramsonware?
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