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Sunday Musings: 5 Important Things I've Learned In Business and Life - Kreiger

Being a success is seldom an accident in the lab, it is hard work, and learning from your mistakes and success over time.  In this interview with, Dave Kreiger we learn what has driven this admitted introvert to be successful in a very competitive business. 

Listen now. 

In this interview with SalesRoads CEO Dave Kreiger, he discusses his career, and the five most important things he has learned about managing and growing this business.  Dave reveals his personal struggles to become the best manager in a very competitive business.   David shares how he came to believe in five essential ways of acting and doing business which has served him so well.   Some describe Dave as a salesman’s salesman, but this introvert by nature found ways to excel in sales by using some interesting approaches with people.    The host in Jim Obermayer.

Kreiger 's five things he's learned in business roll off his tongue easily because he genuinely lives them every day. 

  1. Listening
  2. Get Action
  3. Less is more, but repeat repeat repeat
  4. You don't have to follow your passion to be passionate
  5. Right People around you mean more than you think 

20171019-tweet-kregierDavid Kreiger Bio

David Kreiger is the Founder and President of SalesRoads, a business-to-business appointment setting, lead generation and sales outsourcing company. He has been named as one of The Most Influential Leaders in Sales & Lead Management by the SLMA the last four years in a row.  David is consulted by some of the largest and fastest growing companies to help their organizations accelerate their sales through proactive tele-prospecting.

 SalesRoads Overview

SalesRoad’s focus is on developing and implementing high-quality, professional, business-to-business inside sales teams for our clients with our turn-key solutions.  These include recruiting, training and retaining highly skilled workforces, developing powerful call approaches, rebuttal strategies and leveraging the latest technologies to build pipeline, increase sales and lower our clients’ costs per sale.  For more information you can visit us at or call us at 800-836-4033.


The Five Success Things I've Learned in Business and Life is a series of interviews on SLMA RADIO.

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