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Why Salespeople Get Paid More than Marketers

Sales people get paid more because revenue can be directly attributed to their performance. I ask you, can marketing’s performance be tied to revenue? Finally, the answer is yes and it’s essential to do so to change marketing’s perception from a cost center to revenue generation.

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 In this episode, David explains what marketing should be measuring and the process for establishing your metrics and sharing them with the organization.
  • Who should own the responsibility for marketing metrics within your organization
  • Why you should start with the end in mind when it comes to designing your marketing dashboard
  • The essential metrics you should capture and report on
  • The four C’s of marketing metrics
  • The three categories of marketing analytics
  • Whether you should be using a BI tool or sticking to just CRM and Marketing automation
  • What campaign variables to include on your lead form submissions
  • Where to go for help and additional resources

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