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Those that plan for the future grow, those that don't, don't.

Are  you planning yet for the new year?  Have you analyzed what worked and what didn't?  Are you just going to repeat what you did last year without a look back to how you served the quota needs of the salespeople or your distribution network? 

I guarantee the large companies are starting their planning, which is why they turned into large companies.   Those that plan for the future grow, those that don't, don't.   We think it is appropriate to give you the titles and links to past blog entries and articles from the SLMA Library that discuss planning for growth based on attending to the needs of salespeople's quota requirements. 

Is your Marketing Plan on a Napkin?

NapkinDo you have a real marketing plan or a nasty napkin substitute? 

Why it’s Important:

"Companies without a marketing plan are disadvantaged, they never know where they are going, the cause of the outcome or when they arrived."

Sales Lead Management Association

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Do you have your Business Continuity Plan in place?Save

If you work for a company, there should be a plan in place, and you should know where it is and what your role is in the plan. This is one of the most overlooked pieces of information and documentation for small companies. Large corporations are required to have Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Plan in place. Some clients require it, as well as financial institutions. They want to know you and/or your company has a plan if something really bad happens.

What happens if you get hit by a bus?

If this is your company, you need this documentation in place because you have staff relying on your

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Is your marketing plan based on a sales lead forecast?

Never Give UpStarting January 1, if you have a calendar business year, you should have a new marketing plan with SWOT, Goals, Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics. The plan must be based on a sales forecast by product. It should state how many inquiries by product will be essential to make forecast and the sales quotas.

Each tactic should clearly state how many raw inquiries and qualified leads you will create to make forecast (if the tactic is lead gen based).

Budgets should reflect two approaches:

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Never Underestimate the Power of Planning

Tom and I met at a Sushi restaurant yesterday, something we’ve done once or twice a year since I consulted with his company on sales/marketing and planning several years ago.   Tom is his company’s VP of Operations, and we try to meet regularly to discuss the company’s progress, but we had not had a meaningful discussion in nine months.

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