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The fundamental success factor is Practice, Practice, Practice - McClure

Editors Note:  This is one of Patrick McClure's Two Fundamentals of Success!  While Patrick addresses himself to salespeople, what can marketing take away from this?
I was at a seminar this week and Michael Phelps, the world-class Olympic swimmer who has won

more medals (14) than anyone else in the world, was being interviewed.  He was asked why he was so successful, so dominant in his sport.  His answer was startling:  he worked out and swam (4-5 hours a day) for EVERY SINGLE DAY of the year (all 365) for 4 years in a row.  That's 1,460 days of working out without a break.  He told the audience that if you take a day off, it takes two days to get back to where you were before.  If you take a week off, it takes two weeks to recover.  So he never took time off!
One of my friends is a professional golfer.  One day, while admiring his swing, I stated that I wished I could have his swing.  He replied, "That's easy.  Just hit 1,000 golf balls a day for the next year and you'll get there." 
What a concept!  I can't imagine working out every day for 4 years, or attempting to hit 1,000 golf balls a day.  But that's what it took for these peak-performing athletes to reach their goals!
What's this have to do sales?  Everything!  To achieve peak performance as a sales superstar, you need to practice.  You need to read books and listen to CD's of all of the top sales trainers and authors.

You should spend at least an hour a day working on your skills.  You should practice and refine your sales pitch again and again until it's second nature. 

You should find a partner and practice handling common objections over and over again until you are NEVER thrown off track in a sales call. 

You should pick up the phone and make 1,000 calls in a month, and every time getting better and better.  Every single step in your sales process can be practiced, refined, drilled, and practiced again until you have it down with perfection. 
To become a sales superstar, you need to practice just like an Olympic athlete.
Here's to your Success!

Patrick McClure
Connexia Group

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