Funnel Radio Line Up: Sept 7, 2017
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Peter Gillett Joins SLMA Radio as a Host

Peter Gillett brings international experience for trade show software applications to the long-running program

6a0147e05adc32970b01b7c91d80ba970b-320wiSLMA Radio, the longest-running weekly internet radio/podcast program for at-work and mobile listeners on the Funnel Radio Channel, announced that Peter Gillett, CEO of Zuant, is joining SLMA Radio as a host.   

Funnel Media Group publisher, James Obermayer, a long-running host on the SLMA program (7 years, 385 episodes and 93,700 listener downloads), said “Peter Gillett is well-known in Europe and North America as an entrepreneur and founder of Zuant.  He has deep expertise in sales lead management, which includes that most valuable area of trade show sales: lead acquisition.   As one of our rotating hosts, Peter will bring in his unique perspective and informative guests to discuss how mobile lead acquisition at trade shows is taking companies out of the stone age in qualified lead management.”

Peter Gillett said, “I’m really excited to join SLMA Radio as a host and bring some new industry voices to the show.  We have a spectacular line-up of world-renown guests on the docket beginning with Ian Gotts, CEO of Elements and Zuant Board Advisor on September 7th.  Having sold his last company to TIBCO, Ian is now reinventing the process management space with his latest startup based in San Francisco.”

 About Peter Gillett

Peter Gillett is CEO of Zuant, where he’s responsible for driving product development and client roll-outs of Zuant, the award-winning Mobile Lead Capture app across US corporations.  An entrepreneur and innovator, Peter created the world’s first web-based CRM system funded by Lucent Technologies in the 1990s. CRM, lead generation and follow-up are still the focus for Zuant and its network of NACCENT call centers around the globe.  Contact Peter via email at

About Zuant

Zuant from High Performance Software is the company’s sole product focused on mobile lead capture. More than half the company’s workforce is employed on tech development to keep pace with an accelerating industry, where the need for fast data capture increases in a digital world. As a result, Zuant performs in four main application areas: Tradeshows, Everyday Sales, Market Research, and Retail. The company’s core values are then concentrated on beautiful product user interfaces, combined with customer service support that is second to none.

About Sales Lead Management Association Talk Radio

SLMA Radio debuted in July of 2010 and is broadcast through the internet, live, on Thursdays, at 10: 30 AM PST UTC/GMT -8 hours. Listeners can listen via the SLMA Radio website.  SLMA Radio is produced by the Sales Lead Management Association and broadcast on the Funnel Radio Channel, a business unit of the Funnel Media Group, LLC.   Recorded versions of the SLMA Radio program can be found on the SLMA website, via iTunes, on many of the interviewees’ websites, and via the many syndicated outlets including the B2B Podcast Directory.    

The Sales Lead Management Association exists to help companies become successful in the critical business process of managing sales leads, which manages revenue.  Membership is free. 

 Media Contact:  Sue Campanale    (360) 933-1259  

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Peter on SLMA Radio:

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