Funnel Radio Line-up August 10, 2017
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Lewis - Without Lead Scoring You Can't Manage Sales Leads

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Why its important

"Rarely does the sales team and marketing team get to work so closely together...and a lead scoring project can transform the culture between the two teams."

David Lewis CEO of DemandGen International 

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 In this program on lead scoring, David Lewis, founder of DemandGen International, teaches us another of five principles of successful lead management. He  explains everything we need to know about lead scoring.  From this you'll know whether you should be scoring your leads.  You'll understand how to go about building a scoring model and collaborating with sales in the process:

DemandGen-Radio-David-Lewis-Lead_ScoringYou’ll learn:

  • How to create service level agreements (SLA) with sales
  • The importance of maintaining your lead scoring system
  • The benefits of a multi-dimensional lead rating system
  • Lead scoring dos and don’ts
  • Should you be scoring your leads in the first place
  • An overview of the various types of scoring models
  • What it takes to implement an effective lead scoring system
  • How to establish the criteria used in a scoring model
  • The benefits of creating a lead scoring task force
  • What criteria you can use in an interest model
  • The role lead scoring plays in changing statuses between inquiries and marketing qualified leads
  • Marketing automation and CRM implementation considerations
  • Whether you should bring in an outside agency to help with the process

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