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Funnel Radio Line-up Aug 31, 2017

We are excited as always with the line up of guests this week. We kick off with David Lewis, aka DemandGenDave teaching us how to implement lead nurturing program. From there Peter Gillett answers the question, "Why should people LOVE tradeshows?" CRM Radio is a replay of an episode featuring Andrea Lechner-Becker of LeadMD, "How developed is your marketing department?" Great questions to help see what you are doing right and what may need to go on the list of goals for the upcoming quarter and year. Following her is Joshua Baez with Matt Heinz talking about the PERFECT Persona. We end our day with John Stewart and Kevin Conklin talking about What’s up on Network Security in 2018.


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Got a Podcast? List it for Free: B2B Podcast Directory

B2b-podcast-dirctory-logo-400If you have a podcast you can apply to have it listed in the B2B Podcast Directory.  To be in the directory you must:

  1. Have only Business to Business programming
  2. Have at least five published podcasts (similar to iTunes)
  3. Submit the artwork for your program show 
  4. Submit the RSS feed and program location
  5. Submit a paragraph describing the podcast
  6. Choose up to four subject categories to further define the focus of the podcast.

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Thomas Paine was Right about Salespeople Not Following-up Sales Leads

190255-004-8DD21EDCThomas Paine once said "What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly, 'tis dearness only that gives every thing its value."

We believe the lack of sales lead follow-up by salespeople (a persistent rumor of 75-90%), has to do with their disrespect for the time, effort and cost marketers expend to find the inquirer.  They don't know how much it costs to find qualified prospects.  Plus, most don't know the that nearly half of the inquirers they get will turn into a sale for someone. They obtain sales leads too cheaply with little effort on their part. 

Why its Important:

"Half the B2B inquires created by marketing will turn into a sale for someone.  Ok, maybe not half, only 45% on average."

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Women Kicking Glass Radio Show - Pattie Grimm - B2B Podcast Directory

The only show for women by women about the issues women want to discuss.

Kicking Glass is one of the shows listed in the B2B Podcast Directory offered by the Funnel Radio Group.  It is hosted by Pattie Grimm

1500669869-women-kicking-glass1Topics Covered:  

Recent Shows:

Awesome show with HeatherAsh Amara, author of Warrior Goddess Training

The Millionaire Mystique for Women and Overcoming Adversity with Jude Miller Burke

Great show with Leisa Peterson who helps women fall in love with money

B2b-podcast-dirctory-logo-400Register Your Podcast on the B2B Podcast Directory

Its accurate to say that podcasts are popular, easy, and useful for the listeners and the podcaster.  But getting your podcast found is another matter.  If you think the traffic is bad in LA or Seattle, try getting some attention for your B2B Podcast.

Of course, registering with iTunes after you have your first five programs is a must, but getting your program on other diretories is also a huge help.

At B2B Podcast Directory you can:

  • List your show
  • Upload your show card/logo
  • Insert your show into multiple catorgies