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Have you trained your salespeople to sell at trade shows?

6a0147e05adc32970b01b8d29dd163970c-320wi"Trade show and event training can double and triple the number of inquiries and do the same for qualified leads "

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Intuitively I knew this, but practically I had not tackled the issue as the head of marketing for a software company.  I worried more about putting butts in seats and increasing the draw, but stupidly I didn't think about how to handle the crowds of people that came to the booth.   I was satisfied with quantity, but but not quality.

That was until I was introduced to Matt Hill from the Hill Group.  The Hill Group has trained hundreds of thousands of booth personnel in its many years of business.  Matt taught me that the real differentiation in qualified lead production at exhibits is how we trained booth people to sort the t-shirt hunters from the qualified buyers.  How to dismiss the non-buyers so we could to talk to the real buyers.  How to record as many names as possible with qualifying information. 

I read Matt’s book and then used them.  Training booth people jumped our lead count from 1,200 at an exhibit to 2,400 and then 3600.  This show occurred every six months.  The products, booth size, and people manning the booth were the same.

The training did this and by doubling the number of qualified leads we doubled proposals and sales from those leads. We learned that booth sales skill training will increase qualified leads by 200-400% from an exhibit. 

Trade Show Survival GuideBefore your next show find a qualified booth training expert.  Matt Hill, one of the best can be found here.

Go here to learn more from the Hill Group. Trade Show Survival Guide : A Tongue-In-Cheek Sales Handbook , Training Made Fun 


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