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Funnel Radio Lineup August 3, 2017

Funnel Radio lineup for 8/3 includes: David Lewis on DemandGen Radio, Brian Carroll on SLMA and CRM Radio shows, and Steve Will on SalesPipeline Radio with Matt Heinz. Tweet-todays-funnelradio-lineup-20170803

DemandGen-Radio-David-Lewis-Lead_Scoring (1)9:30 am
DemandGen Radio with host, David Lewis

In this episode on lead scoring, David teaches you another of five principles of successful lead management. He explains everything you need to know about lead scoring so you know whether you should be scoring your leads and how to go about building a scoring model and collaborating with sales in the process.



10:30 am
SLMA Radio with host, Jim Obermayer

Guest: Brian Carroll, CEO/Founder, markempa

Lead Management, real lead management, the experienced manager knows must be solved before sales conversion from leads is optimized.  In the interview with lead management expert Brian Carroll we discuss recent research from Forrester and his thoughts on how to tackle the lead conversion conundrum. Brian says we must approach the conversion from the customer perspective. Learn at least three ways increase your conversion.  The host is Jim Obermayer.



CRM Radio with host, Jim Obermayer

Guest: Brian Carroll, CEO/Founder, markempa

Today’s sales and marketing environments are a paradox. You have more marketing channels, content and martech tools to reach customers. But actually connecting with potential customers and growing your pipeline is harder than ever before.  And using company logic doesn’t lend itself well to actual pipeline growth. According to the CMO Council, “Only 20% of marketers are able to predict the next best action for their customers.”  


11:30 am
Sales Pipeline Radio with host, Matt Heinz

Guest: Steve Will, FunnelWise


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