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Top 10 Tips for Lead Nurturing Success - WP Review

The Top 10 tips for Lead Nurturing from Spear Marketing reads as a road map to know where you should be going, how to get there and how to know when you have arrived.  Too many of these papers tell you what’s wrong without telling you how to fix it without hiring the author.  This paper isn’t guilty of that.

Top 10 lead nurturing tipsTitle:  Top 10 Tips for Lead Nurturing Success


Subtitle: How to get the most from your lead nurturing program, and how to plan for success if you’re just getting started.

Published by/Authors:  Spear Marketing Group

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Length:  37 Pages


I beg to differ with the authors, these are not tips but a check list of what to do right the first time.  Reminders that:

  • Most buyers find vendors rather than vise-versa, this not only changes the equation, but all parts of the formula. If true, this changes everything in nurturing.
  • The shift is therefore to responding to inbound leads vs. the outbound philosophy of even a few years ago.
  • Large databases of not-yet-ready-to-buy prospects create the need for intelligent lead nurturing driven by the data.
  • Lead nurturing is a means to an end, but you must know what the end goal is.
  • Without a list of objectives (goals) for lead nurturing you may wander and wander and eventually wonder what happened without qualitative and quantitative objectives.

I liked all of the tips, but Number 4 talked about the 80/20 rule of lead nurturing that says:  “80% of the benefit of lead nurturing is achieved by the first 20% of the effort.”

Other notable ideas:

  • “Don’t be limited by the lack of content”
  • “70% of the buyers were likely to respond to promotion content, much higher than was assumed by marketers (42%).”
  • Dump the newsletter and replace it with your Blog.
  • Keep it Relevant: This is the key factor in getting a response from your lead nurturing emails.
  • Don’t forget the thank you page (sounds basic but basic is what we often forget to do)

I could list the tips but then you might like to take a shortcut and think you know what should be done. Trust us to download the paper, hold a meeting in the marketing department and decide if you are in or out of bounds with these 10 tips.

About Spear Marketing Group

Spear Marketing Group is a full-service B2B demand generation agency that helps B2B technology companies generate, nurture, and convert sales leads to revenue. The firm’s unique, holistic approach to demand generation blends strategic expertise, creative flair, and a deep understanding of marketing technology to drive measurable results across every stage of the lead lifecycle: lead generation, lead nurturing, and customer marketing. Clients include Magnitude Software, Navicure, and Plantronics. For more information, visit

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Why It’s Important:

“It’s now a statistical fact that, in today’s B2B marketplace, more buyers find vendors than vice-versa.”

Spear Marketing White Paper: Top Tips for Lead Nurturing Success

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