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Surprising Marketing Management Research Scorecard Heinz Marketing

Heinz Marketing surveyed 250 plus B2B sales and marketing pros to learn how they measure and achieve  revenue success. We’ve learned how B2B marketing teams are optimizing, managing  and reporting their results with revenue accountability

Heinz Marketing research shows the best-performing companies have marketing organizations that share revenue accountability with sales teams.  Companies are missing sales goals when their marketing teams don’t have revenue accountability or responsibility!   Brian Hosford is the host. 

Some of the points he'll be covering include:

• 64.2% of respondents report their marketing organizations have increased revenue responsibility and are achieving or exceeding revenue goals
• 71.3% of marketing organizations have increased accountability for revenue goals
• 61.8% achieve or exceed revenue goals because their marketing org has increased revenue accountability
• 63.6% experience improved sales performance their marketing org has increased revenue accountability
• 75% do not achieve revenue goals when marketing doesn’t have increased revenue accountability
• The #1 ranked success factor in achieving revenue goals is an effective marketing and sales partnership

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About the Co-Host Brian Hosford

Brian-Hansford-Headshot-300x300Brian leads Heinz Marketing technology services practice and specializes in developing demand generation and content strategies powered by process and technology. Brian is a 20 year veteran of the technology industry working for organizations such at Open Text, Citrix, Attachmate and Cambridge Technology Partners. Brian’s team has provided award-winning services for clients in a variety of services from technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunications.  Brian frequently speaks on and publishes original content on B2B marketing, marketing technology, and content marketing. He lives in Redmond, WA with his family and chocolate lab and enjoys golfing, exploring the northwest back country, and photography. He’s a loyal Colorado Buffalo, almost to a fault, but we put up with him. You can follow Brian on Twitter @RemarkMarketing and view his background on LinkedIn.

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“The days of activity-based marketing are over.” Heinz Marketing Declares in WP Research

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