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Is your Marketing Plan on a Napkin?

Do you have a real marketing plan or a nasty napkin substitute? 

Why it’s Important:

"Companies without a marketing plan are disadvantaged, they never know where they are going, the cause of the outcome or when they arrived."

Sales Lead Management Association

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IMG_20170723_160109952Does senior management actually think that its products are so good that they sell themselves without a marketing plan?  Sooner, rather than later, this philosophy will fail and you will have competitors that will succeed by out-marketing and out-selling you. 

A marketing plan is not:

  • Scribbles on a napkin
  • Last years plan
  • Without a Strength, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities analysis SWOT
  • A list of tactics
  • A budget

A real marketing plan has:

  • A SWOT
  • Goals: A desired future condition:  Its criteria is “a time frame which is long range, (3 to 5 years) and expressed in qualitative or quantitative terms
  • Objectives:  Desired results, specific in nature, limited by time (6 months to one year)
  • Strategies: A plan of action to achieve an objective, a statement of broad tasks or activities to achieve an objective
  • Tactics: Detailed programs or specific activities, methods to implement the strategy.
  • A marketing budget
  • Lead Generation projections based on quota needs

A real Marketing plan is:

  • Reviewed monthly
  • Changes as marketing conditions change

If you don’t have a marketing plan with A  Goal, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics, it’s never too late.   Make sure the plan has a lead generation component (spreadsheet which is campaign based) tied to the sales forecast.  Assign tactics to individuals with a date for completion. 


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