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600-x600-CRMRadio-20170713-waldronjpgKnowing the narrative landscape – what your audience’s opinion is of your company - can make the difference between success and failure. 

In this interview, with Damon Waldron, VP of Marketing at Protagonist Technologies we discuss an approach to the marketplace that the White House, government agencies, foundations and B2B/B2C companies use to understand their position in the market place. 

From Oil giants to medical devices, Narrative Analytics is an AI application that has been used for more than ten years.  The host is Jim Obermayer.

About Damon Waldron

Damon runs marketing for Protagonist, the leader in narrative analytics. He's a B2B marketing expert who has successfully ramped marketing efforts for several fast-growth startups, including Leadspace and BrightFunnel. He leads marketing teams with a blend of creativity, customer insight and analytical rigor. He has a deep knowledge of demand generation, marketing automation and content development with experience managing email, PPC, SEO, social, PR and event channels. He also has significant agency-side experience working with brands like Verizon and PayPal where he led the redesign of

About Protagonist

Protagonist is the leader in Narrative Analytics. We mine beliefs in order to energize brands, win narrative battles, and understand target audiences. Protagonist uses natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and deep human expertise to identify, measure, and shape the narratives that matter to our customers. The Protagonist platform was built on 10 years of narrative science that was initially developed to improve the American brand around the world for the US Government. Today, it's used by dozens of the world's leading CMOs, business leaders, and foundations.

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