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Funnel Radio Live Schedule: July 6, 2017


Today's line up LIVE on Funnel Radio starts at 9:30 am Pacific.


9:30 DEMANDGEN Radio - Listen Live

David Lewis, Host
The Principles of Successful Lead Management
https://goo.gl/it94P4 - to listen live!


10:30 SLMA Radio - Listen Live

Dayna Rothman, VP Marketing, Bright Funnel
Defining the Benefits of Revenue Intelligence
Connect on Twitter: @dayroth @brightfunnel
https://goo.gl/zuw7Qt  - to listen live!


11:00 CRM Radio - Listen Live:

Jim Obermayer & Paul Roberts
Why a Sales Lead Management Process is Vital
https://goo.gl/pZ7axZ  - to listen live!


11:30 Sales Pipeline Radio with host, Matt Heinz - Listen live:

Nadjya Ghausi, Vice President Marketing, Prezi
Conversational Sales Presentations: How a new approach to pitches can transform your engagement results (and a gift from Prezi)
Connect on Twitter: @prezi
https://goo.gl/f4WJ9L  - to listen live!


Funnel-media-logo-300tmThese programs are on the Funnel Radio Channel which produces programs and podcasts for at work listeners. 


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