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“The days of activity-based marketing are over.” Heinz Marketing Declares in WP Research

Why It’s Important:

“Revenue is the crucial measurement of marketing and sales activities, nothing else ultimately matters and this report from Heinz Marketing on Marketing Performance Management Research is THE guide to company revenue growth.”

James Obermayer - Reviewer

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Title:  Marketing Performance Management Research

Published by/Authors:  Heinz Marketing

Gated: Yes

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Length:  21 pages


This research study starts off in the first paragraph saying, “The days of activity-based marketing are over.”   With this sentence Heinz Marketing declares that the last 100 plus years of activity based marketing have come to an end; this is not a light-weight statement.

Why it Matters

“With the sentence, “The days of activity-based marketing are over.” Heinz Marketing declares that the last 100 plus years of activity based marketing have come to an end; this is not a light-weight statement.”

James Obermayer

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6a0147e05adc32970b01bb09aaaa87970d-320wiThe authors make this statement because, “Marketers have the ability to scrutinize the value and impact they have on driving revenue.”   What this means to me is that they REALLY, finally, without doubt, without equivocation have the ability to drive revenue based on marketing facts without guess-work and with great precision.   Don’t be foolish and pass this research over without measuring your organization against the findings.

Basis: Survey of 250 B2B marketing and sales executives.

Important findings:

  • 71.3% of marketing organizations have increased accountability for
    revenue goals. 
  • 61.8% responded their company achieves or exceeds revenue goals as a
    result of increased marketing accountability and responsibility. 
  • 75% shared their companies do not achieve revenue goals without
    increased marketing accountability.
  • The #1 ranked success factor in achieving revenue goals is an effective
    marketing and sales partnership
  • 66.7% report revenue pipeline opportunities as the #1 marketing success
  • Less than 8% of sales management and only 12% of representatives
    sales execs believe their marketing organizations effectively use revenue
    performance metrics.

There are a lot more details and answers to very important questions about sales and marketing’s cooperation and  measurement of revenue.  

Divided into two sections:

  1. Sales and Marketing Revenue Responsibility and Accountability
    1. They report on the impact of increased revenue responsibility and accountability.
    2. Seven pages of charts and metrics covering the responses to questions which report with a deep of detail on revenue responsibility and of goal achievement. Of special note are opinions on whether organizations are achieving revenue goals when marketing has revenue responsibility.
  2. Performance Metrics- five detailed pages showing a wide range of factors which contribute to success or failure of revenue generation. You have to read this several times and think about the implications for your company.

Recommended for: 

  • President
  • CFO
  • CSO
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Operations Management
  • Sales Representatives
  • CMO
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Operations

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