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Salespeople are Quick or they are Dead.

56 Reasons

Are salespeople getting in front of prospects faster than your competitors?

Why it's Important

"In sales, you are quick or dead. If salespeople won't get in front of leads faster than  competitors they have reduced a chance of a sale by 50%."

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This is one of 56 reasons sales are down in the ebook:  56 Ways to Turn Around Failing Sales  The ebook is not gated.  Yet. 

If salespeople aren't getting in front of prospects faster than your competitors you have reduced your chances of making the sales by 50%. 

Because 10% to 15% of sales from inquiries are made within three months, you're  losing sales if the salespeople are slow about getting in front of prospects from any source but especially from web contact us forms. Get your salespeople in the door first and let them set the table for others to follow.

You can lose 25-50% of the sales potential because sales reps are too slow.  Substantial research from Velocify as well as other CRM, Marketing Automation and consulting companies have proven a representative has minutes not hours or days to respond to an on-line inquiry.

In sales, you are quick or you are dead.

Recent research shows that for many products being first to respond to a web inquiry (within a minute to a few minutes) can make a 50% difference in who gets the sale. 

When_To_Call_Sales_Leads_Promos-LPSee this eBook from Velocify

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