Do the sales reps need training when sales are down? Probably not.
Clint Eastwood said it best in the movie, Sudden Impact, “It’s just a question of results"

How Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast * - Paul Teshima of Nudge - Sales Pipeline Radio

Listen while you work: 

This show discusses marketing's growing role from just lead generation to a greater role in support to help salespeople build a

relationship with the right people in an organization.   The new sales and marketing platform such as Nudge leverages relationship strengths to find the strongest path to deals. 

Why it's important:

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAsFAAAAJDJlZWZhMjc0LWMwZGItNGQ0NC1hZDZjLTNjN2RlYTQ3NDE1OA"80% of all B2B Buying Cycles start with a referral and as a representative you always want to be the first in or be brought in as a trusted referral. It starts a relationship off on a strong note.”

Paul Teshima CEO of Nudge on Sales Pipeline Radio

Paul and host Matt Heinz discuss:

  • The importance of Linkedin and its limitations
  • The definition of a modern sales and marketing platform
  • Marketing's dilemma
  • The one things every salesperson would rather have (instead of just a new lead)

About our guest, Paul Teshima: He is a successful technology executive who has run services, customer success, account management, support and product management.

Paul is a firm believer that culture eats strategy for breakfast, and business culture can be built through storytelling. He has always have been a leader with a strong focus on sales and customer engagement.

  • Helped lead Eloqua (marketing automation) as part of the executive team from $0 to over $100 million in revenue, through IPO and a successful acquisition for $957 million by Oracle.
  • Now co-founder and CEO of, a modern sales platform that uses A.I. to find actionable insights on your customers.
  • Passion for building great teams and products that help customers grow their businesses.

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*Quora as late as March 2017 has an interesting discussion about the origin of the quote from  George Anders.  "I think it's human nature, though, to ascribe wise thoughts to wise people, even if the connection is murky at best. We're taught in school that erudite sources make our work sound better, and that's a hard habit to break. All sorts of spurious Einstein quotes are floating around on the Internet, for example. Turning a management truism into a faux Drucker quote is very tempting."

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