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Engagio Account Based Everything Market Map Offering

As is usual with Engagio, we find them open an engaging (no pun intended) about everything to do with Account Based Marketing and the production of this map is no exception. 

Brandon Redlinger,  Director of Growth at Engagio.com  sent me (and probably 30,000 others), an email this morning about an Account Based Everything Market Map to jump start thinking about the process and the vendors that fit into an ABM strategy. 

Go here to get the map.

Redlinger decided to follow a simple: Who/What/Where framework: Who do you need to target? What will you do to get their attention and interest? Where will you engage with them format. 

Engagio's account based everything Market Map identifies vendors for each of the account based activities.


Go here to get the map.

Our thanks to Patrick Di Chiro in PR for getting us the approval to offer this to SLM Today followers.   When you need an answer trust the PR personal.  When you need to talk to the C-Level, go to PR first.  Need a quote, guest, photo, biography go to PR first.


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