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Do the sales reps need training when sales are down? Probably not.

56reasons-cover_150x197Do the sales reps need training when sales are down? Probably not. This is the refuge of those that have no other ideas about why sales are down.  It is usually a recommendation from some

other department.  Pure and simple, it’s an expensive excuse that does little to improve revenue. 

The sales manager often accepts the recommendation on training because he or she needs more time to figure out why sales and down.  The manager reasons it can't hurt, it didn't come from sales management so if it doesn't work the blame doesn't drop on sales management's doorstep. 

Most sales consulting firms are hired to retrain the reps in the middle of a downturn.  If however, the representatives had good product training and sales management is coaching them, don’t pull them out of the field when sales are down to retrain them when you don’t know if this is why people aren’t buying.   Save the money and skip training consultants.   Spend it on marketing to find new prospects.

Why it’s Important:

“Sales slumps don’t suddenly occur because sales people have forgotten how to sell.  Save your money and their time and dig deeper to find out the real reason sales are down.

This is one of 56 reasons sales are down in the ebook:  56 Ways to Turn Around Failing Sales

The ebook is not gated.   Yet. 

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